Our Students working in and what they say

Journey to thousand miles begins with a single step. Confidence factory helped me to take that step with its constant guidance and encouragement. For my menters counselling, I recognised my weakness and worked on it. With a constant efffort and everyone’s motivation, I achieved this feat

Girija Prasanna Tripathy

I had the requisite skills but didn’t have the confidence and was unaware of the proper process. Confidence factory boosted my confidence and showed me the right path towards cracking a campus..One of the Best things to have happened in my life!! Without Confidence factory it would not have been possible to get through INFOSYS!!! Thank you confidence factory!!

Mahadev Dash

Sir, I am placed in” HEXAWARE TECHNOLOGY”which is a brand company of “APPLE”. ABOUT C F each one of us has the potential,but most of us cant get the perfect platform & motivation to expand & strengthen it. CONFIDENCE FACTORY is that platform from which i got my direction towards my destination. One famous line of MARTINE LUTHER KING “DO NOT STARE AT THE STAIRCASE JUST PUT THE FIRST STEP” so at last I can say that each member of cf are the shoulders which a student can trust. Thanks sir 4 everything.

Cinmaya Biswal Bhatta

I joined CF for the campus prep course in AUG 2010, which was one of the turning points of my life. CF team not only improved me as a person also helped me to shape my personality. The unique and different programs of CF which helped me discover my weak areas and the respective trainers also guided me how to improve them. CF instructors helped me to change my style of public behaviors which helped me a lot in many arena of my life. In the GD and PI sessions I learned one thing that confidence and preparedness are the only keys to crack anything. On a special note, the detailed personality analysis by CF team was a bonus for me. CF team evaluate each student and make them learn in their own ways, which makes students confident. CF provide every platform for a student need to transform from insecure person to self confident person. Through the help of CF team I cracked 4 campus placements and now am working in TATA MOTORS LTD. Thanks a lot CF team and Keep making us CONFIDENT.

Gyanendra Kumar Bhatta

Before I began the email,let me refresh your memory a little,this is Ankit Agarwal from UCE, Burla. Me and a few of my friends went for your PPT classes,two years ago. I still remember the first time I walked into confidence factory all drenched in sweat(Stupid bbsr weather!). Anyway,What I thought of as a casual visit to yet another institute offering PPT classes,turned out to be something very amazing afterwards. When I joined the institute all i cared about is getting prepared for upcoming college interviews,but what I got instead was so much more. I always knew that I had decent command over English but, it was these classes which actually made me confident enough to use it properly. In fact I must say,even I am surprised from the results. I am working in a company with people from 8 different countries for quite some time now and there wasn’t a single day,when I felt my communication skills are not good enough. And it is not just about communication skills,I learned a lot about life itself during those classes. Revisited some hidden corners and rediscovered myself. Surely these classes are one of the great things that ever happened to me,but I never got a chance to thank you guys for that. This email is just to let you know how much I appreciated all the things that I learned during those classes and just a humble way of saying thank you.

Ankit Agarwal
Perth, Australia

CF has got the best combination of faculty team and training programs for campus placement and personality development.In the very 1st class we were told that joining CF is a lifetime relationship and its true.I joined CF 1 year back & even today the teachers give personal classes to me if I call them and ask for.

Mahindra Satyam

My English was detained by darkness, it could not have found the way, To chisel the darkness, then came the confidence factory’s inspiring ray. Confidence factory first abducts, one’s nervousness and fear for permanent, then it lets our communication tree, to grow in its motivating environment. My English was ill, suffering from mother tongue effect, Confidence factory’s trainers helped me, to smash this defect. My vocabulary was like, water in a small pot, Confidence factory’s trainers have vocabulary sea, having water a lot. The teaching process and cool environment of this agency. Does surprisingly increase, one’s English fluency. To correct my grammatical mistakes, confidence factory showed me mirror, They provide such an encouragement, that I try to correct all the errors. GDs, Pl’s and different activities, are the dangling fruits on this tree. The tree has the root of practical’s, hence called as confidence factory. Everyday a new faculty comes, to teach the same students in the same class, This style of teaching, resembles different flavors of drinks in the same glass. On the confidence factory platform, every students bears a positive energy. The building has pillars of confidence, called THE CONFIDENCE FACTORY.

Ashish Deshpande