Sangramjit Pujari

Partner, Confidence Factory

Hi! My students know me as Sangram Sir and my colleagues call me Sangramjit. I was brought up in a family where education was considered second to none. My parents also made a conscious effort to make me value the importance of ethics, discipline and hard work. It was during my days with BJB and XIMB I realized that Communication and Confidence can be the real game changer in one’s life. There, the seed of starting an institute which focused on these two elements was sowed. After working with international brands like Ranbaxy and Gillette my dream of starting an institute reignited, and thus, Confidence Factory was born in 2004. My wife Sunita Panda and I along with our team have since then worked relentlessly towards making Confidence Factory a career-defining choice for students across all streams. Whenever I get time for myself,  I let go myself in sessions of golf.

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+91 9937413413