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Being a Youngster, The Career Challenges You May Face in 2019

Having a clear view of what you desire to achieve in upcoming future is definitely commendable, but what if you don’t know. Finding a job can be difficult itself, but finding your dream job by tackling all the extreme career hurdles can be even more so. A research by McKinsey & Company offers insight that only 50% of people found a job related to their study, whereas 25% youngsters work in job sectors not related to their study, and 70% of youth think they deserve a better opportunity in their career

So, what are the challenges that hurdling them to get the best success? Let’s discuss a few of them here.

Lack of Professional Network

The first and foremost reason why youngsters feel they are not achieving great success in career is the lack of ability to build a professional network relevant to their career. It is an absolute that finding better opportunities could be extremely easier through referral and expert guidance. Professional connections can be made with time, one at a time. Although it’s difficult to have a wide network to support your career from the very beginning, it will eventually grow with time and hard work. Educators and industries should work on enabling networking between students and professionals.

Trust & Confidence

Young people nowadays struggle mostly with trust and confidence issues. Many of them even don’t feel they go to their parents for advice. Trust and confidence issues leave young people extremely vulnerable. In this scenario, parents can’t help them by encouraging them to discus to other adults that they can trust. Believe that, a trustworthy mentor to guide you through the early career start problems can be extremely helpful.


It’s obvious that youngsters mostly lack patience when it comes to achieving big and other serious notes of life. They struggle with proper motivation and confidence to move forward in life with a healthy pace. As teens have become more and more reclusive in virtual worlds and lack of proactiveness from parents with encouraging independence; youngsters these days definitely need respectable counsellor and career coaching from start of their career to learn optimum decision making regarding their future.

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