Crack It - Group Discussion

Crack It – Get Noticed In GD/PI

Institution & organization often use Group Discussion & Personal Interview (GD-PI) as personality test. Skills like Communication, Planning, Leadership, Conflict management, Information, Organizing , Stress management etc are tested.

Crack-it comes with intensive GD-PI orientation & practice sessions coupled with high power packed knowledge sessions on social, cultural, economic, political , technological issues.

Undergoing this course equips one to do justice to all kinds of Group Discussions . May it be factual, debatable, case based or abstract.

About 200 odd commonly asked HR questions( FAQs) with their acceptable answers are discussed during the training, thus enabling the students to learn the mantra of cracking interviews confidently.

We help you build your profile and make you industry ready with qualitative and impressive interview answers .

In the process we help you develop your personality and work on your areas of improvement .

Amazing general awareness sessions are encountered in the group discussion sessions which gives an insight into a more logical method of understanding .

Who can undertake this test ?

A must for campus aspirants, PSU job aspirants & banking, railway, civil service aspirants & MBA aspirants and any other job aspirants .

  • GD Orientation
  • PI Orientation
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Mock GD
  • Mock PI
  • General Awareness Session
  • Essay Writing
  • WAT
  • Group Task

Duration: 15 days – 2 months

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