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EXPRESS - Communicate with Confidence

The Flagship Spoken English Program

It would not be wrong to state that, an individual may go jobless with a degree, but will never go jobless with the ability to speak proper English.

“Spoken English is vital”. Express is designed to improve one’s grammar, fluency and pronunciation. Expert trainers identify the pattern of grammatical mistakes and trigger changes with our grammar grilling session. The helps one speak correct English.

Immense emphasis is given to thought flow, vocabulary building, idioms & phrasal verbs and not the least listening skills . These sessions make one speak fluent English.

High voltage session on diction, intonation, pronunciation, elision help one speak polished English.

This basic Spoken English Courses is beneficial to individuals of all walks of life . Whatever may be the forum or situation in life, Express ensures that one speaks at work correct English, fluent English and polished English. And this helps one’s communicate with confidence.

Who can undertake this Course?

  • Students
  • Professionals 
  • Homemakers
  • Businessmen

We help you express your views and instill confidence to be better in life.

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