ROAR - For School Children

ROAR – Confidence Program For School Children

Parents give their children the very best of what life has to offer. All the comforts and luxuries are taken care of. The best of education, entertainment, food, dress and travel. But somewhere deep down, you observe, your child is a little nervous in public, a little shy, You see stage fright in him or her. The answer is in ROAR.

ROAR is the confidence building program for school children.

Sessions like listening skills , debate, extempore, presentation skills, infusing reading habits, confidence instilling sessions and lastly work on their self-belief. Send your children to us and watch them come back to you roaring with confidence.

Who can undertake this training ?

School Students from class 4 – 10

  • Communication Skills Program
  • Confidence Boosters
  • Removal of Stage Fear
  • Vocabulary Building Program

Duration : 2 months

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